The Pomar Felt Boot Collection received 2017 Fennia Prize Honourable Mention for good design.

We wanted to create something special for winter, something that roots from Finnish tradition and Nordic lifestyle close to nature. We updated the Finnish classic felt boot into 21st century with fresh new design ideas, advanced waterproof felt materials, GORE-TEX and new traction non-slippery soles. This successful waterproof and breathable felt line has been a social media hit and is sold for example in The Nordic Countries and in Japan.

Pomar Tunturi Felt Boot in Tara Magazine Sweden

Pomar Saana Felt Boot in Lantliv Magazine Sweden

Pomar Koli Felt Boot in Lantliv Magazine Sweden

Pomar Varpu Felt Chealsea Boot in Kotivinkki Magazine Finland

Pomar Koli Felt Boots Japan

Pomar Felt Bag in Kodin Kuvalehti Finland

The Terracare leather used in Pomar collection is made of the most eco-friendly leather you can use in shoemaking.

Terracare leather is tanned in Germany. Hides come from local certified farms and can be traced to the farm. No long transport causing stress for animals. Rawhides used are a by-product of food production. Animals are farmed under species appropriate environment. The tannery is A-rated tannery by Leather Working Group audit (rawhide sourcing and transparency). 99% of leather is used for leather or other products. Water use is minimized. Waste water is cleaned chemically, mechanically and biologically. Made in EU, German laws and regulations are followed in every aspect - REACH certified chemicals only; work safety, salaries, vacation rights, pension rights according to local laws.

Waterproof and breathable Pomar GORE-TEX doubleface sheepskin boots keep feet warm and cosy even on the coldest winter days.

Pomar Aava Chelsea Boots Black Waxy Nubuck

Pomar Kara Army Boots Black Patent

Pomar Sneakers Taupe Suede and Perlato

Pomar Sneakers Pink Nubuck

Limited edition white Akerbacka bag sewn by hand.

I had designed shoes for footwear brands for several years and wanted to explore bag design as well. I had already designed and made handbags by hand during my design studies at Wetterhoff. At some point I found a part of an old cuckoo clock at our summer cottage. That hand carved piece of wood intrigued me, what could I make of it? It ended up decorating the first Akerbacka prototype bag. That was a starting point of Akerbacka which I started with my sister Mari. Limited edition series and one-of-a-kind pieces of Akerbacka bags and leather goods have been made ever since. Here is one nice example made of blue pony, brown leather and hand carved wooden ornament.

Cuckoo Blu Pony in Amelia Magazine, Sweden

Aaltonen Summer Sandal Line. Comfy Sandal in tan nappa and cork insole.