I’m Minna Peltomäki, design and branding professional from Finland. My main focus has been on footwear design but I also design bags and leather goods. I also provide branding, social media content, webpage design and photography via Design Peltomäki. My work history includes courses held in product design and consultation in CAD-design projects too.

Over twenty years of experience in the trade has gained me a deep insight of shoes and Nordic footwear market.  Understanding of northern climate, tastes, feet and lifestyle are the key issues for designing a successful line for Nordic market in an industrial scale. To design a quality product with compelling up-to-date look and commercial potential needs a profound insight of the market, understanding of consumers’ needs, creativity and nose for trends. Sustainable shoe production is more and more important today, and it is an area of great importance in my work.

I look for quality, harmonious proportions and personal touch in shoes. Back in the 70’s as a kid I was very picky of what I would wear, causing my mother grey hair. Love of good design and functionality has lasted from then on and continues as a job.

My story with shoes started learning how to make shoes by hand in Tampere, the traditional shoemaking city of Finland. In my first actual design job as a rookie straight from design school Wetterhoff, Hämeenlinna I was lucky to be taught the secrets of the trade by senior designer colleagues. That was at Janita, Seinäjoki, Finland in the late nineties. After that I worked with Aaltonen collection in Tampere, Finland and Tallinn, Estonia. After that my main focus has been on Pomar, its collection and brand renewal. Pomar is a forward thinking Finnish footwear brand founded in 1960. Today the collection consists of casual GORE-TEX footwear for women and men for Nordic, Baltic, Russian and Japanese markets. You can find Pomar footwear also in Spain and Northern Italy. All shoes are produced at their own factory in Pärnu, Estonia, EU by over one hundred skilled shoemakers.

I have been lucky to work with insightful footwear companies and talented co-workers all my professional life. Team work is what I cherish at a workplace, shared ideas and collaboration gives successful results.

Akerbacka is a Swedish translation of my family name Peltomäki, just without Å. Swedish is the second official language in Finland. My parents spoke Swedish at home when they didn’t want us kids to understand what they talked about. All Finnish kids learn Swedish in school. So did I and finally started understanding what they talked about. It’s good to know foreign languages, kids!